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Health Score *
Health Score
Tired most of the time
Prone to hormonal symptoms
Suffering from dark circles or bags under your eyes
Suffering from poor memory or concentration
Often feeling anxious or stressed
Very dry skin in need of daily moisturisers
Difficulty sleeping
Low or depressed
Prone to indigestion or bloating after food
Energy & Bloody Sugar Control Score *
Energy & Bloody Sugar Control Score
I often have mood swings or difficult concentrating
I get dizzy or irritable if I go 4 to 6 hours without food
I often over-react to stress
I often crave something sweet or coffee after meals
I have less energy than I used to have
I often feel too tired to exercise
I am gaining weight and/or finding it harder to lose weight
I often have energy slumps during the day or after meals
I still feel tired 20 minutes after getting up
I need tea, coffee, a cigarette, or something in sweet to get me going in the morning
I often crave chocolate, sweet foods, bread, cereal or pasta