Are you finding stress hard to cope with?

Do you struggle with brain fog?

Are you having digestive issues?

Do you have energy dips?
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In my early 20s I struggled with all of the above as college life took its toll on my health leaving me bed ridden for a year and struggling in energy for half a decade. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue an autoimmune condition. Since then I have transformed my life through how I eat and live.

I feel happy, focused, fulfilled and energetic everyday. I passionately believe it is within everyone’s scope to upgrade their health through listening to their bodies and improving their diet and lifestyle choices accordingly.

What my clients say

“I had been suffering digestive issues for a while that I couldn’t resolve. I went to my GP and found it very frustrating to merely be told to keep a food diary. A friend recommended I see Clare. She advised the CNS allergy test which I did and Clare received results within 2 weeks. I followed her programme on foods to eliminate and also increase. She gave me a 4-week user-friendly meal plan and help on how I could make other food choices that I would not have thought about. A month later I have never felt better and have never looked back! Thank you!”

Anonymous Client

“I have just received my blood tests from the rheumatologist and he is very happy with the readings and has said I can half my daily medication. The side effects from the medication are not great so this is so good for my long-term health. Thank you so much Clare for your sound advice and helping me get a better understanding of how to manage my health”

Anonymous Client

“All the symptoms that were bothering me have disappeared and for the first time in 5 years, my inflammation markers as measured on a blood test have returned to normal. I am sleeping well and have much more energy. Thanks again for your help and if I need some inspiration for recipes, I will certainly be in touch”

Anonymous Client

“Thank you for your email. I am doing really well actually and my GP has now advised that I come off my anti-depressants. I am going to the gym consistently as well and find this helps with my wellbeing immensely and also finding it much easier to make the right food choices.”

Anonymous Client

How I can help you

Most people have lots of questions about what approach I take. I am very happy to answer your questions and discuss the best way forward for you to suite your lifestyle and us working together. I look forward to talking with you.


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