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Clare Atkinson Feel Good Nutrition Coach


Clare Atkinson is a clinical Registered Nutritional Therapist DipION, mBANT, CNHC (accredited for professional practice within healthcare), Health Coach and Professional Chef. Consultations are organised online or face-to-face at her clinic in Hampton Court, Surrey.

I am passionate about helping you make the connection between what you eat, your life choices and how you feel.

My aim is to enable you to enjoy nourishing, balanced food that supports your personal health and wellbeing and is practical for you. We start with an initial consultation to discuss and plot a health timeline with you having already collated your health questionnaire and food diary. I then use evidence based nutrition to provide you with a health optimisation plan and support over an initial 3 months to help you reach your goal.

I understand the challenge of leading a busy life and also enjoying nourishing and exciting meals having resolved my own health issues through diet and life approaches. I would love to work with you to transform your health and help you reach your goal.

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